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Welcome to
Auramah Care.

Unlock Your Inner Strength, Heal Your Mind.

Our Services



Unlock your potential, find clarity, and embrace a brighter future through our counseling services. We provide support in areas such as relationship counseling, marriage counseling, problem-solving counseling, decision-making counseling, family counseling, educational counseling, career counseling, counseling for emotional management and mood stability, and rehabilitation counseling.

Soft Skills Training

Master the art of success and unleash your full potential through our soft skills training. Enhance your interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, creative writing skills, problem-solving skills, time management skills, self-awareness and management skills, personality development skills, and basic ethics and manners skills.

Research and Innovation

Explore new horizons, ignite innovation, and contribute to the world of knowledge through our research and innovation services. We provide certified courses in research formulation and conduction, research supervision and guidance, research publication, and research collaboration.


Transform your mind, heal your soul, and embrace a life of balance with our psychotherapy services. Our therapists specialize in behavioral therapies, cognitive therapies, rational emotive behavioral therapies, dialectical behavioral therapies, acceptance and commitment therapies, mindfulness-based therapies, emotion-focused therapies, couple therapies, art therapies, and body and mind relaxation therapies.

Certificate-based Courses

Gain expertise and certification through our diverse range of courses, including desensitization, exposure and response prevention therapies, behavioral therapy for children, cognitive-behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavioral therapy, expressive art therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, acceptance and commitment therapy, and emotion-focused therapy.

Workshops and Seminars

Create a thriving workplace, empower your team, and elevate your organization with our work culture development services. We offer work culture evaluation, work commitment training, performance appraisal training, work stress reduction programs, employee recruitment and selection support, and are open for corporate collaborations.

Our Team

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Sarath C J

Managing Director

Managing Director of Auramah Care and Integrated Mind Linguistic Training. A consultant psychologist, counselor, and teacher, Christie is dedicated to your personal growth. With a background in research and a talent for writing, their guidance can transform your journey. Welcome to Auramah Care, where your potential finds its path.

christie saju auramah care.jpg

Christie Saju


Meet the founder of Auramah Care and Integrated Mind Linguistic Training - a versatile professional, skilled as a consultant psychologist, counselor, personality development trainer, teacher, research scholar, and author. Join us on a transformative journey towards personal growth and empowerment under their guidance.

P shiva sankar's image

P Shiva Shankar

Marketing Executive

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