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How Auramah Care helped me gain back my Confidence, Trust Yourself and everything will be okay.

In the midst of the global pandemic that swept the world, many dreams were put on hold. The pandemic brought so many challenges for everyone, and I was no exception. Graduating amidst the chaos of COVID-19, I faced a hard reality of finding a job. I was a hotel management graduate and finding a job in the hospitality industry was almost impossible during those trying times. I set off on an unpredictable journey after feeling lost and confused, which ultimately helped me identify my passion for baking and then later in marketing.

  • The Frustration of Unemployment: As the months passed after graduation, I struggled to secure a job in my chosen field. The competitive job market and pandemic-induced layoffs made it increasingly difficult for fresh graduates like me to find employment.

  • Discovering my Passion for Baking: I discovered comfort in baking, and made the decision to invest more time to it. Gradually, my kitchen experiments evolved into something extraordinary. Friends and family praised my delectable creations, encouraging me to consider turning my passion into a profession.

  • The Launch of my Home Bakery: I took a leap of faith and started my home bakery, driven by the encouragement of my friends and family. While I put myself into baking, I realized the reality of entrepreneurship- the lack of knowledge in marketing and business strategies. Although my treats were delightful, without effective marketing, my home bakery struggled to gain traction and attract customers beyond my immediate circle.

  • Putting Dreams on Hold for Self-Improvement: Recognizing the importance of marketing knowledge, I made a difficult decision to put my bakery dream on pause and seek professional development. I understood that to succeed, I needed to equip myself with essential marketing skills.

  • Pursuing PGDM and the Internship: I enrolled myself in a PGDM course to acquire the expertise I lacked. Soon, I managed to secure an internship at Auramah Care as a marketing specialist.


Balancing my studies, internship and my personal life took a toll on my mental health at times. But working at Auramah Care, not only my marketing skills began to shine through but I made significant contributions. Under the leadership of Sarath sir I learned a lot.

From pandemic-affected hotel management graduate to a marketing specialist in a psychological firm, I not only gained marketing expertise but also learned to trust myself and that i can

do anything. By working here I gained my lost confidence and now I am ready to take more challenges.

Remember we are in this together!!

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